Cycling in Bali allows you to enjoy the beautiful countryside of the island, as well as the rural village life of Bali from the start. Pedaling through the off road on the volcanic route, ride downhill past ancient temples and plantations while greeting local farmers and school children as you pass by, all add to the immersive and far better experience of your hotel gym or just behind the bus windshield.

Here we have gathered all the popular biking spots around the island, which are covered in a large selection of interesting biking activities in Bali.
Terrain and highlights vary: start cycling leisurely through the jungle villages in central Bali, to ride over the topographic expanse of the hillside area, all of which give you amazing views that are usually not accessible by car.

Some traveler do the self-guided ride by them self-cycling the island by rental a bicycle. Nowadays very easy to rent anything by type Bali Bicycle Rental you will see lots of alternative rental company, but make sure the bike you have rent good quality and maintenance, Bali Bicycle Rental will give you lots of options for more information click or just visit their shop by type Bali Bicycle Rental on google map it more simple.

Where to go in Bali for the next cruise that excites you with two wheels? Bellow some place great to visit or ride with bicycle:

Batur Creater
As the second highest peak in Bali after Mount Agung, Mount Batur is more accessible and preferred by mountain bikers because of the interesting mix of paved roads and off-road terrain from highly frozen lava trails. Cycling around the mount and and finish just beside of the Batur Lake

Kintamani To Ubud
This package is the most popular tour package now. Start from Kintamani after you have a look the Batur Lake and after enjoy hot tea or coffee that your tour operator serve ride down to Ubud will give you amazing experience of ride without lots of power, because the route is mostly downhill and finish in the center of Ubud

Ubud loop
Ubud offers cyclists on various terrains. You can search for easy rides along paved roads along the city center with interconnected side streets and where most of the temples, palaces and galleries are located. Ubud morning ride will best time to explore Ubud.

Jatiluwih Rice Terrace
Famous for its vast expanse of rice fields at the foot of the Batukaru mountains in central Bali, the agrarian village of Jatiluwih in Tabanan Regency is a great destination for those looking for wide open green scenery for their journey. Jatiluwih cycling tour will give you another great experience to enjoy the real Bali.

You have some alternative for the cycling activities tour with cycling operator or contact bali bicycle rental for own ride are best way to go, have a great ride and enjoy Bali in the different way.

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