Bali Bicycle rental will provide whether you are travelling and want to see the sights, or are looking for a high performance ride in the backroad, country side, we’ve got your bike and ready to explore.

If you want to see a lot of Bali without a glass bus or car window in the way, renting a bicycle is the best way to go, closer and smell the real Bali.

Where to Ride: Whether through beach or countryside, backroad, an amazing variety of terrain exists in Bali to bike your way through. Each Regency has a great tourism object you can visit. Or just cycling around you Villa or Hotel.

Limit your independent Bali bicycle jaunts to countryside in and around Ubud, Lovina and Karangasem. And check the weather before you go – if sunny weather just isn’t forthcoming, you may need to postpone your bike ride for safety’s sake.

Bali Bicycle rental rent the bicycles start from IDR.50.000 per bike per day click: bike type


Check the bike’s vitals before heading out: Ensure that the wheels are properly aligned, the brakes work as advertised, and, if you’re heading out near dark, that a light is attached to the bike. If anything seems out of whack, do not accept it. If you do, any damage might be attributed to you by the rental.

Bring your own helmet and gloves to ensure adequate protection; renting the right gear in 

Ensure the road conditions are the type you can handle. When you’re on the road, keep these biking safety tips in mind. 

Ride on the left side of the road. Left-hand traffic prevails in Indonesia. The side roads are a better fit for your bike; a map like the Bali Pathfinder, readily available in Ubud, can help you pick your way through these paths. Don’t put any valuables on the basket in front, if provided. 

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