Bali Bike Shop List and Addresses

Bali Bicycle Rental

The island of Bali as a destination for cycling is increasing along with awareness for healthy living. Some of their travelers are carrying their bicycles from their countries and some are renting bicycles in Bali to enjoy the beauty of the island of Bali by bicycle.

On a cycling trip the bicycle traveler must prepare his bicycle properly because it will be cycling long distances. For tourists who surround the island of Bali by bicycle in this article prepared information’s containing a list of names and addresses of shops or bicycle bikers that cyclists can visit if the bicycles used have problems on the road. Hopefully the information we convey in this article is useful for bicycle enthusiasts who have plans or who are already cycling on the island of Bali.

Important things that might make you confused with these addresses, you can come and show the address to someone near you, and maybe they help to give directions to the location of the shop or bicycle repair shop you are going to repair or buy parts for. that you need during your bicycle trip on the island of Bali.

So that the admin can inform in this article if you want to ask about all information about bicycle and can click the following link to communicate because the admin is also an experienced bicycle enthusiast, thank you.

bali bicycle rental



Jalan Gunung Agung 148 C-D


Telp: (0361)-746 2858


Jalan Teuku Umar 91


Telp: (0361)-241 537


Jalanl Diponegoro No.2


Telp: (0361)-265 838

TUNAS JAYA Bike shop,

Jalan Raya Canggu


Telp: (0361)-844 5795

MUSTIKA III bike shop

Jalan Diponegoro 211A


Telp: (0817)-756 1287


Jalan Gunung Sangiang 99X, Krobokan


Telp: (0812)-361 9850

UNION bike shop 

Jalan Kartini 8


Telp: (0361)-222 753

MUSTIKA II bike shop

Jalan Raya Padang Luwih 214  Dalung


Telp: (0361)-238 417



Jalan Ngurah Rai 32


Telp: (0361)-943 126

HARUM Arjuna 5 bike shop


Telp: (0366)-219 41


Jalan. Pudak no 11 ( timur terminal )


Telp. ( 0361 ) 7922251

Kontak Person : Oka Mahendra


NUSANTARA bike shop.

Jalan Raya Kuta 39X


Telp: (0361)-763 164



Jalan Ngurah Rai 66


Telp: (0365)-41324

MERDEKA bike shop

Jalan Ngurah Rai 70


Telp: (0365)-41412


HARUM II bike shop

Jalan Wr Supratman 88


Telp: (0813)-53060923

PARIS bike shop

Jalan Erlangga 2B


Telp: (0362)-258 33


ASIA JAYA bike shop

Jalan By Pass kediri


Telp: (0361)-814 781

ASIA JAYA bike sop

Jalan Gunung batur 16


ASIA JAYA bike shop

Jalan Pahlawan 34


Telp: (0361)-811 375

CAHAYA ASIA bike shop

Jalan By Pass Kediri


Telp: (0361)-910 0565



Jl. Ciung Wanara ( depan Lapangan. Kopral I Wayan Surem )

Blahkiuh, Abiansemal.

Telp. (0361) 813444

Kontak Person : Yeni Pitriani



l Bypass Ngurah Rai 130, Jimbaran

(sebelah Jimbaran Clinic)

80361 Kuta, Bali 0361 – 708500

Kontak Person : Bp. Iwan

Enjoy Bali on a Bicycle

Cycling in Bali allows you to enjoy the beautiful countryside of the island, as well as the rural village life of Bali from the start. Pedaling through the off road on the volcanic route, ride downhill past ancient temples and plantations while greeting local farmers and school children as you pass by, all add to the immersive and far better experience of your hotel gym or just behind the bus windshield.

Here we have gathered all the popular biking spots around the island, which are covered in a large selection of interesting biking activities in Bali.
Terrain and highlights vary: start cycling leisurely through the jungle villages in central Bali, to ride over the topographic expanse of the hillside area, all of which give you amazing views that are usually not accessible by car.

Some traveler do the self-guided ride by them self-cycling the island by rental a bicycle. Nowadays very easy to rent anything by type Bali Bicycle Rental you will see lots of alternative rental company, but make sure the bike you have rent good quality and maintenance, Bali Bicycle Rental will give you lots of options for more information click or just visit their shop by type Bali Bicycle Rental on google map it more simple.

Where to go in Bali for the next cruise that excites you with two wheels? Bellow some place great to visit or ride with bicycle:

Batur Creater
As the second highest peak in Bali after Mount Agung, Mount Batur is more accessible and preferred by mountain bikers because of the interesting mix of paved roads and off-road terrain from highly frozen lava trails. Cycling around the mount and and finish just beside of the Batur Lake

Kintamani To Ubud
This package is the most popular tour package now. Start from Kintamani after you have a look the Batur Lake and after enjoy hot tea or coffee that your tour operator serve ride down to Ubud will give you amazing experience of ride without lots of power, because the route is mostly downhill and finish in the center of Ubud

Ubud loop
Ubud offers cyclists on various terrains. You can search for easy rides along paved roads along the city center with interconnected side streets and where most of the temples, palaces and galleries are located. Ubud morning ride will best time to explore Ubud.

Jatiluwih Rice Terrace
Famous for its vast expanse of rice fields at the foot of the Batukaru mountains in central Bali, the agrarian village of Jatiluwih in Tabanan Regency is a great destination for those looking for wide open green scenery for their journey. Jatiluwih cycling tour will give you another great experience to enjoy the real Bali.

You have some alternative for the cycling activities tour with cycling operator or contact bali bicycle rental for own ride are best way to go, have a great ride and enjoy Bali in the different way.

Bali Bicycle Rental

Bali Bicycle rental will provide whether you are travelling and want to see the sights, or are looking for a high performance ride in the backroad, country side, we’ve got your bike and ready to explore.

If you want to see a lot of Bali without a glass bus or car window in the way, renting a bicycle is the best way to go, closer and smell the real Bali.

Where to Ride: Whether through beach or countryside, backroad, an amazing variety of terrain exists in Bali to bike your way through. Each Regency has a great tourism object you can visit. Or just cycling around you Villa or Hotel.

Limit your independent Bali bicycle jaunts to countryside in and around Ubud, Lovina and Karangasem. And check the weather before you go – if sunny weather just isn’t forthcoming, you may need to postpone your bike ride for safety’s sake.

Bali Bicycle rental rent the bicycles start from IDR.50.000 per bike per day click: bike type


Check the bike’s vitals before heading out: Ensure that the wheels are properly aligned, the brakes work as advertised, and, if you’re heading out near dark, that a light is attached to the bike. If anything seems out of whack, do not accept it. If you do, any damage might be attributed to you by the rental.

Bring your own helmet and gloves to ensure adequate protection; renting the right gear in 

Ensure the road conditions are the type you can handle. When you’re on the road, keep these biking safety tips in mind. 

Ride on the left side of the road. Left-hand traffic prevails in Indonesia. The side roads are a better fit for your bike; a map like the Bali Pathfinder, readily available in Ubud, can help you pick your way through these paths. Don’t put any valuables on the basket in front, if provided. 

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